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Multiculturalism is a tool used by Global elites to dismantle White Western civilization

 It will soon be a crime to love or marry WHITE EUROPEAN TYPES!
"Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government. Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization"
 The Return Of The Idiot
Published on 15 Sep 2017
Funny that US Americans should call WHITES CAUCASIANS when the REAL CAUCASIANS are/ were for the most part Muslims!  They even call their biological type ("race") CAUCASOID!

Some of my "Black" (mixed African, Hindustani, Chinese, White...) "house Negro" friends accused me of being racist because I happened to marry only White European women! 
Here in Judean Britain BLACKS (exclusively non Muslim!?)  celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH (a Government and Church sponsored racist event!) and they have the audacity of promoting PROUD TO BE BLACK AND BRITISH covering the City with their racist posters!

 Las 16 personas con los ojos más bellos del mundo. El numero 8 puede ver en la oscuridad

Wait a minute, I think that I am really a racist who likes only White (light skinned) women, although I had contemplated marrying at least one dark skin divorcee! 

When I was a teenager my first love was a light skin girl Zubeida, then another light skin girl Rose (I never asked her her real name), then I dreamed hopelessly of impressiing a White European Colonialist's daughter (I never knew her name!),  the Income Tax Commissioner's daughter leaving next door who I used to admire as she was often at her window even looking at me), then, a ewears later, I married a White Soviet woman.  I later married a Mauritian light skin girl whose grandmother Anne-Marie de Rhune was White French.  Then I married a White Polish girl, and finally a White French widow.  Even my fifth wife, an Internet one, is/was White US American! 

For sure, I need JEW non scientific psychiatric quackery electric shock treatment or high dose poisons they call psychotropes!  


"Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government. Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization".  

Yes; that David Burke.

By Mike King

A dramatized image of David Burke snapping on an airplane. From Aviation News Magazine (here

"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,

Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines

"We read and rebut their vile crap so you won't have to!"


The incredible revenge-mass murder-suicide drama of Flight 1771 and the subsequent investigation are the stuff of Hollywood movies. The tragic 1987 event was, at that time, the 2nd worst mass murder event in US History (just 2 shy of the 1927 Bath, Michigan school bombing). Flight 1771 remains the worst incident of mass murder in the history of California.
But for some strange reason, the amazing story began to fade away from the media's radar, literally within 24 hours of the event. An archival review of The New York Times (aka the "paper of record") turns up just 4 short and incomplete stories over a 4 day period. The headlines are listed below, followed by our rebuttal. Stay with this piece because there is a shocking twist at the end; a twist which will tie in 'the Big Picture' of things.

NY Times Archives / December 8, 1987
California Plane Crash Kills 44; Gunshots Are Reported in Cabin
By ANDREW POLLACK, Special to The New York Times / Page A-1
NY Times Archives / December 9, 1987
4 Chevron Officials Died in Air Crash 
By LAWRENCE M. FISHER, Special to the New York Times / Page A-1
NY Times Archives / December 11, 1987
Threatening Note Is Found at Site of Fatal Jet Crash 

NY Times Archives / December 11, 1987
NY Times Archives: Kin of Suspect Defiant and Contrite

By JUDITH CUMMINGS, Special to the New York Times / Page A-28



As a lifelong 'news junkie' with an elephantine memory, your intrepid reporter here at The Anti-New York Times still recalls the first CNN reports of the 1987 crash of Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771. I can also recall having a small sense of wonder as to why the mysterious crash had faded from the News so quickly. This was during my pre-Enlightenment / pre-Internet college days. So I thought nothing more of the suddenly spiked story, subconsciously storing it in my memory banks and moving on to the next event of the day, or the next pretty co-ed to catch my eye.

It was only just yesterday that I chanced across an Internet comment about the mysterious event and its even more mysterious media burial. In an 'a-ha moment' state, I thought to myself, "Yes! That's right! I do remember that crash and how the story just faded away."  Within minutes, the older and wiser Mike King went to work to dig up and summarize the truth; a truth which shocked even this veteran reporter. The following true narrative was confirmed by Flight Data Recordings, Cockpit Voice Recordings, crash site forensics, and logically sound inference.


A discarded memory file is suddenly reopened.

In early December of 1987, a ticket agent named David Burke was fired by USAir (which owned Pacific Southwest Airlines) for petty theft of $69 from in-flight cocktail receipts.  On December 7th, Burke met with Raymond Thomson, his supervisor, in an unsuccessful appeal of his firing. Burke stormed out of Thomson's office muttering a cryptic threat, aimed at Thomson, to the secretary.
Frustrated and angry, Burke then purchased a ticket on PSA Flight 1771, a daily flight used mostly by executives, flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Raymond Thompson was a regular passenger on the flight. Using his un-surrendered US Air credentials, Burke bypassed the normal security checkpoint at LAX while carrying a concealed .44 Magnum revolver. After boarding the plane, Burke wrote a message on an air-sickness bag. It is probable, though not known for certain, that he gave the message to Thomson to read just before going to the lavatory, and then re-emerging moments later. The air bag note, later discovered near the crash site, read:
"Hi Ray. I think it's sort of ironical that we ended up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family. Remember? Well, I got none and you'll get none."
As the aircraft cruised at 22,000 ft over the California coast, the cockpit voice recorder of the relatively small plane recorded the sound of someone entering, and then exiting the lavatory. The timing of the lavatory door sounds, Burke's seating proximity to Thomson, and the two quick gun shots heard just after the 2nd door closing sound, suggest that Burke entered the lavatory in order to discreetly draw his gun. The captain and the co-pilot were speaking to air traffic control when the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) picked up the sound of the first two shots being fired.
 The most plausible theory as to what happened was deduced from the pattern and audible volume of the shots on the CVR. It appears that Burke first shot Thomson twice. Though Thomson's own seat was never recovered, part of a serial numbered seat that was identified from the wreckage as being directly behind Thomson's was found to have two bullet holes in it. Due to the power of the Magnum .44, the bullets must have traveled through Thomson's body, his seat, and then through the seat behind.
The co-pilot immediately reported that a gun had been fired and no further transmissions were received from the crew. At that point, the CVR recorded the cockpit door opening and a female flight attendant telling the pilots, "We have a problem!" The captain replied, "What kind of problem?" A shot was heard as Burke shot the flight attendant dead, and announced "I'm the problem." He then fired two more rounds. Most likely, he shot the pilot and copilot once each, incapacitating or killing them on the spot. Several seconds later, the CVR picked up increasing windscreen noise as the airplane pitched sharply downward and accelerated. The remains of the flight data recorder (FDR) indicated Burke had pushed the control column forward into a dive.

Dramatization of the descent into death  /  All Flight recorders recovered (unlike 9/11, but I digress)

A final gunshot was heard followed not long after by a sudden silence. It is believed that Burke killed the airline's chief pilot, who was also on board as a passenger and may have been trying to reach the cockpit to save the aircraft. There was some speculation that Burke actually shot himself, though this seems unlikely because a fragment of Burke's fingertip was lodged in the trigger when the investigators found the revolver. This indicated that he was alive and gripping his gun right up until the very moment of impact. After descending for about 1 minute at a very steep angle, the plane crashed into the hillside of a cattle ranch in the Santa Lucia Mountains near Paso Robles and Cayucos.

The plane was estimated to have crashed at around 770 mph, disintegrating instantly. Flight 1771 struck a rocky hillside, leaving a crater 2 feet deep and 4 feet across, presumably where the landing gear struck the ground. The high-speed impact compressed the soil, which almost immediately rebounded, throwing fragments and sheets of paper (including the note by Burke) back into the air. The force of impact meant that human remains were very small, the largest being feet in shoes. Forty three died in all and the remains of 27 passengers were never identified.

Less than 48 hours after the crash site was located by a CBS News helicopter, investigators from the NTSB and FBI found parts of a handgun containing six spent cartridge cases and the note on the air-sickness bag written by Burke, indicating he may have been responsible for the crash. FBI investigators were able to lift a print from a fragment of a finger stuck in the pistol's trigger guard, which positively identified Burke as holding the weapon when the aircraft crashed. In addition to the evidence uncovered at the crash site, other factors surfaced: Burke's co-worker admitted to having lent him the gun and Burke had also left a farewell message on his girlfriend's answering machine.

So you see, it didn't exactly take a Sherlock Holmes to quickly solve this 'whodunnit'. Once you rule out the security-screened passengers, you are left with either a freshly fired ex-worker who still has security clearance privileges, or the executive Thomson; the man who fired Burke. Add in an actual severed trigger finger of the mass murderer and even the dim-witted dopes of the American News Media could have figured this one out, and quick too.

Just think - what a story! Workplace rage, revenge, one-on-one murder followed by mass murder-suicide, terrified passengers screaming as they hurtle towards certain death, grief-stricken widows and children, big shots from Chevron and a prominent German scientist aboard the plane, forensic investigative drama etc. It wasn't enough for the thieving murderous bastard to kill his innocent ex-boss, he had to take a planeload of other innocent people down with him!
If any news story that year 'had legs', one would think it would have been the David Burke drama. But instead, the story just dried up as soon as it became known what had happened. It's as though the event has been erased from history. Indeed, there is only a small, nameless commemoration plaque at the site of the mass murder-crash!
A small, cheap plaque in the grass is all that there is to remember the lost crew (right) and all the passengers of Flight 1771
Even Aviation Magazine only carries a small blurb about this most unprecedented event in the history of American Aviation. The brief and vague piece, which doesn't even mention Burke's name, is accompanied by a dramatized photo of the hijacking. Here it is again:

Digging a bit further into this fantastic tale, we learn that David Burke had previously worked for an airline in Rochester, New York, where he was a suspect in a cocaine smuggling ring to Rochester via the airline. He was never officially charged and reportedly relocated to Los Angeles to avoid future suspicions. Some former girlfriends, neighbours, and law enforcement officials described him as a violent man before Flight 1771.
Why wasn't the name of David Burke ever branded like those of relatively contemporary mass killers who killed far fewer people than he? Names such as Charles Manson, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber) etc. were hyped to the stars and have since become part of American folklore. But not David Burke. Why is that? Did some powerful person or group decide to erase Burke's name from public view? If so, why?
Let's meet Mr. Burke, shall we?

 No! Not Aviation Magazine's 'white-washed' version. The real David Burke. Scroll down:

 No! Not the Master Chef David Burke of TV fame! We want the hijacker-mass murderer....

Yes; that David Burke.
David Burke was born May 18, 1952, to Jamaican parents living in Britain. He was, as you can see, Black. If you are a regular reader, you should know by now where your author is going with this. Is it really even necessary at this point to ask the question, "Why was this developing story suddenly spiked and then buried for eternity?" 
To my dear Black readers, please don't get your panties up in a bunch because this is not about ripping on Black folks. The sole intent here is to expose the corrupt media's self-evident and dangerously inflammatory 'War On Whites'. It is a war in which the fairy tale narrative of evil Whites lurking under every rock, plotting to oppress innocent Blacks (and Jews, and Hispanics),  must never be contradicted. Only Whites are capable of bigotry, but never Blacks or Browns!
This monstrous lie keeps the targeted Whites feeling guilty and neutered while whipping up many colored folk in a constant state of fear and malevolent loathing. Therefore, the explosive nature of the Flight 1771 story had to be spiked at all costs and for all eternity.
After spending 2 days as one of the front page stories of the New York Times, (December 8 & 9), the story dropped down to page A-28 as soon as it was learned who the shooter-hijacker actually was (December 11). Burke's photo was never published. By the following day, the historic mass murder drama was gone from Sulzberger's Times, and the TV media, altogether.
Compare this silent treatment to the dozen or so New York Times front page stories and photos afforded to each of the more recent Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings (both 'victims' were Black / the justified shooters were White & White-Hispanic), and the evidence of a corrupt conspiratorial media covering up 'anti-Whiteism' becomes irrefutable.
The San Bernardino County Times (a small local paper) offered an honest glimpse into Burke's animosity towards White people (which all, or nearly all, of the passengers certainly were). From its December 12, 1987 issue:
"Burke, who was black, had alleged to state authorities long before he was fired that Thomson had passed him over for promotion because of race."
"On July 15, Burke went to the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing and said he had been passed over twice for promotion to customer service supervisor. Burke alleged white workers with less experience were promoted to the supervisory positions he deserved, said Annabella Hwa, the department's district manager in Los Angeles. Burke, although investigated several times for alleged drug involvement and auto theft in New-York, was never charged." (here)
You see, in the warped mind of the racist-bigot David Burke, being passed over for a promotion couldn't possibly have had anything to do with company suspicions that he may have once been involved with a Jamaican drug-smuggling ring, or that he was clearly a troubled head-case. No. It was "racism" that got White people promoted over him. Of course! And it was "racism" that got him fired after he was caught stealing money- on camera!
David Burke was a violent abusive man who fathered 7 children out of wedlock with multiple "baby mammas". And, make no mistake, he hated White people. We can imagine the great delight which Burke took in blowing that White Flight Attendant's brains out, just after offing Mr. Thomson, and just before blasting the White pilots. Burke's delight was probably similar to the orgiastic "gratification" that the 'Reverend' (barf) Jesse Jack-Ass once admitted to feeling whenever he, as a young hotel worker,  would gleefully spit in White people's food. (here)
By 1987, Jesse Jack-Ass, Al Charlatan, and Eric the Red Holder had already been exalted by the media-gods as prominent "civil rights leaders". There was not a peep from them about the racist mass murder that took place aboard Flight 1771!

Fortunately, if that's the right word, Burke did not hijack a 747. Surely, he would have killed 300 people in that case.

My God! Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened if a racist Ku Klux Klansman had hijacked and mass murder-crashed a plane full of Black passengers en route to an NAACP event? There would have been a month long, no, year long, media circus unprecedented in American history. The 6 hour memorial ceremony would have been broadcast live on every TV station; the event being narrated by holier-than-thou TV talking heads and attended by hundreds of Congressmen and Senators lining up to pay their respects.
The on-site monument, with engraved names of the victims, would have been taller than the Washington monument. There would have been Hollywood films, annual remembrance extravaganzas, revenge attacks, marches, vigils, and songs. White libtards would have formed human hand-holding chains from coast to coast, inexplicably 'apologizing' for an act they had nothing to do with. The National Football League would not have played its games that weekend, and would have forced its players to wear ribbons for the remainder of the season. The upcoming Christmas festivities and ads would have been dampened down as "inappropriate."
Every history book would contain a whole chapter on the event. The killer's name would today be known to every schoolchild in America. There would have been commemorative postage stamps, group site tours ala Auschwitz, a national Black Holiday, artistic reenactments combined with anti-White self-flagellation and "National conversations" for the next 50 years, at least. Imagine the slogans: "Flight 1770: Never again!" - or "The other December 7th, a date which will also live in infamy."
Do I paint a clear picture? Or am I exaggerating?
Dear reader, if the sudden Orwellian silent treatment given to this jaw-dropping story in 1987 and ever since then - as compared to the 24/7 media hype afforded to even the slightest White-on-Black controversy (Tawana Brawley 'rape' hoax, Rodney King verdict, Jimmy the Greek comments, Marge Schott comments, Duke University 'rape' hoax, Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown shootings etc.) - doesn't conclusively prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the corrupt US News Media is deliberately waging a 'War on Whites', then you are beyond help at this point. Just sit back and enjoy your well-deserved fate, or should I say, your children and grand-children's undeserved fate. 
The 'War on Whites', who are on direct course to becoming politically dispossessed minorities in both America & Europe, is very real and actually much worse today under Obongo the Terrible than it was in 1987. Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan cracks the code for us (partially at least):
"Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government. Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization".  
What can you do about it? The first step is to educate yourselves, and others, as to who these 'Global elites' are and why they do what they do.
Mass circulate this powerful story, for starters.
Let's make David Burke famous, or infamous I should say! And, if you haven't already done so, be sure to read, no, study our epic 'flagship piece' entitled:
NWO Forbidden History (1763-2013) - The Epic Timeline of the New World Order.
It could change your life. It could change the world - that is if enough sleeping 'men' can wake up, pry themselves away from their ballgames, and actually do something to save their children from the horrible future being planned for them.
If you haven't already done so, be sure to sign up for our FREE Report & FREE Updates List at bottom of page. As always, generous support from our readers is greatly appreciated.

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Almost minutes after I had posted my last piece on Brendon O'Connell,  

"Tuesday, 12 September 2017 HOLY SHIT! BRENDON O'CONNELL - THE FRAUD THAT IS MAX IGAN (Icke, Igan, Allen And O'Keefe)" 

my system was attacked and my Google+ Function to link my post was blocked!
- It was in 1997 that I wrote to Al-Fayed about the imminent assassination of his son in Paris by the CIA.  I mentioned in my letter how the CIA murdered JEAN SEABERG there!  Having had no reply, I wrote to Al-Fayed on his own website after the murder and received no reply to this day!

In 2002, I mentioned this letter to the Prime Minister of Mauritius who had Muhammad Suhail Fakeemeeah, a member on my "in-laws'" family arrested, jailed, tortured for three years upon direct orders from Madeline Albright prior to her visit to Mauritius.  After comparing him to Hitler by the press, he was released without charges by my old Marxist adversary Paul Raymond who was then BOGUS Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister's Office never acknowledged receipt of my letter not did the other parties I copied it to. 

**MUST SEE** BANNED IN BRITAIN - Princess Diana - Unlawful Killing



- Best Video On This Subject

1K 191 Share

Published on 6 Sep 2014

Other video's on this subject are a white wash of this - the first real investigative piece. They say Sonny Bono, John Denver and Princess Diana were killed because they were threatening the booming land mine business. I'm sure having a Muslim baby upset someone at the palace too. https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.s...

Anyone ever considered that she was turning her attention to the issue of Palestine? The issue of the weapons trade? Does anyone think Prince Phillip issues ANY orders to MI6/special forces assassins? I mean, really? 
No offense to the Diana fans, but a good way to piss off the UK establishment and their vital arms trade is 
interfere in Middle East politics, 
marry a Muslim man and have his baby.
I'd say that just about guarantees your end. 
A shame she did not have a tell all video to be released on her death.


Rubbish. Diana has no intention of marrying Dodi. We only have the ravings of a grief-stricken father to go on. Diana was no longer a member of the royal family and she was free to marry a little green man from Mars and have lots of little green Martians.
Brendon O'Connell to
The Fayeds were Egyptian and like many Arabs couldn't give a hoot about the Palestinians.
Prince Philip has no such power. People need to stop making up stories and if people really want to know one can download the Paget report, over 1000 pages. The conclusion was Henri Paul was drinking and no French person would be an MI 6 agent. More Nonsense from the lunatic fringe!
Brendon O'Connell Afcourse. The Royals would never tolerate that, phillip walking around whike he sees his ex wife with him in tabloits ? And what if she was indeed pregnant ? And how would the family deal with the kids who will be exposed to that ? Diana wasnt naive, but about this she was, because if she thought any royal would tolerate such a situation. Think again. Best thing for her was to keep the relation a total secret. Even her mere existence was a threat.
Diana was married to Charles not Philip his father. She was no longer a member of the royal family, no longer a princess. She was free to marry an alien if she wanted.

I think Miss Diana was an idiot taking on the Royals. She knew what she was doing. She knew she was pissing them off. She played reckless. She should have just left the public eye. She was entering into a world she must have known would not accept her behavior. It was almost like she was goading them. She was playing at the top end of town and that is how the top end of town plays. It was without doubt her possible marriage and child to a Muslim that caused this. I dont believe it had very much to do with the British arms industry although I'm sure they were not shedding any tears. God rest her silly soul.


There are over 80 comments waiting for approval - tagged as "Spam" by You Tube. Most of these comments are excellent. Why YT has marked them as Spam while allowing others I do not know. I am currently trying to "de-spam" them but YT is not allowing me to do so.


I just listened to a Jeff RENSE interview with my fave activist ever Kay GRIGGS. She says Diana, Sonny BONO and John DENVER were all killed within three months of each other because they had formed the nucleus of an effective anti-landmine group. Apparently landmines are a growth industry.


Wow, over an hour to get to hospital. No excuse. How do I know, cause that was my job once. Regardless of blood pressure, never heard such nonsense.

I take back my comments somewhat about Diana's "sillyness". Maybe she was in fact quite brave and working hard at exposing alot of things using her media status. I note someone here commented she was also working on exposing Palestine and Jewish racial and religious supremcism in action against the local Indigenous Muslims and Christians.


YT just removed this video off my Channel List. Its still here, but you wont see it when you look at my Channel Dashboard. This video is going a little viral - over 1,500 views a week. I suppose they do not want this video associated with my Channel exposing Jewish racial and religious supremacism and the racist apartheid state of Israel - amongst other things. To the YT chosenites messing with my account. I have video's my channel entirely. I am taking note of the low views on my video's where some do not budge for weeks. The fact the account is not simply deleted shows that this is a small group of racist Jews within YT doing this - lower level. Try deleting my account and you are gonna get a Writ on your ass and the whole thing documented for a little doco. Just accept that Israehell is finished. Get over yourself.


varinia spartacus She was murdered by order of Prince Phillip and Charles. If it were ANYONE else, they would be investigated by the police but not her! WHY??? MURDERED THATS WHY!!


Boy, someone really does not like this video and some of the great comments I have approved - which still do not show up.

There are 17 comments awaiting approval. I cannot get to them. YT REALLY hate this video. The vast majority of the comments I managed to get out of the spam box were very good. They should not have been in that spam box.


they never needed Diana for Queen. they just needed her to make couple kids. he had plans for the camilla witch. ugly ass witch

Be Healthy Ain't she omg why Charles wanted Camilla instead of beautiful Diana I will never understand and yes all Diana was to the royals was to have heirs to the throne. Diana was so beautiful and kind and really cared about people. She did so many good things. What has Camilla done?

+Anne Arteaga this whole thing hurts. And even more that her boys actually excepted that witch after murder of their mother. Unbelievable and unexplainable.

I don't get what you'd hate Camilla? Well i do as it;s typical of women i.e. blame the other woman rather than the man who was cheating on you haha. Camilla had no marrige contract with Diana so owed her no allegiance. The marriage contract was betwen her and Charles. Keep in midn that Camilla was dating Charles whilst Dianna was in nappies. Diana was a grown adult and knew what she was getting herself into when she married into the Royal Family. Both her and Charles were unfaithful to each other. Camilla is not to blame. The people to blame for her murder are the Royal Family. They were probably shit scared that Diana would go public with all kinds of skeletons they haev hidden in their closets.


No. I think Charles liked her. She was rebellious, look at her chart. Sagittarius Rising. She had that "submissive look" that men love down pat. She was no angel. She was deliberately provocative. Where did she think she was? This was no ordinary family. She was having a baby to a Muslim man and the Crown was NO WAY going to have a bar of that. That being said...she also did some great work against the arms industry and it's possible they had a hand in it to. Sonny Bono as also working at that and so was John Denver - they all had unfortunate accidents. RIP Diana.


I agree with you to a point.

She was also taking on the armaments industry and having a baby to a Muslim. I know people who lived near Imran Khan's house in Islamabad. She was always over there. Spent ALOT of time in Pakistan. Think about that.

And they blame everything on Islam, Muslims, and Arabs!
The REAL Leaders Of The World (Must See Documentary)

House of Windsor and the New World Order

The British Monarchy EXPOSED Full Length Anonymous Documentary

THEY manufactured Blackwater-Xe, Al-Qaeda, 9/11, all kinds of false flags, ISIS, DAESH, ISIL, IS, AL NUSRA, MEK, Jihadists, and others, just as they did drug cartels, brothels, orgy houses, pornography and sex shops and industries, gambling dens, casinos, same sex marriage, homosexual adoption of our children (NOT THEIRS!), abortion factories, prison factories, rape factories, Death Camps, Satanist recreations, censorship, dictatorship, racism, fascism, democracy they call democracy, communism, inhuman and thieving gods (Royalties, Israel…), genetically modified organisms, artificial products that they sell as food and drinks, poisons that they sell as medicine, vaccines that kill, cigarettes that kill, alcohol that kills, HAARP everything, genocidal campaigns, wars of aggression and plunder, etc.  


In the toilet known as France where only Freemasons and Jews are authorised by the State and its Institutions to defecate, they keep Muslims in slavery with only a few rights, no right to free speech and freedom to study and research independently, and having to survive under cultural and State terrorism on a daily basis.

Eight year old kids are arrested and kept in custody « because they are not Charlie » !

The use of the Internet by “Muslims” to consult sites of their own creation can see be be sentenced to three years in jail!

A mother who sent money to her son in Syria is charged with TERRORISM!

Fo a twenty year old to have pornographic images and videos of beheadings (manufactured by THEMSELVES) is a crime!

Pointing your index to the sky or wearing a mask is a crime because it is a sign of DAESH!

All suspects are GUILTY when they are Muslims or the targets of the Totalitarian Judeo Fascist State!

Even “PSYCHIATRISTS”, a non scientific Judeo quackery (charlatanisme) help the State in terrorising, poisoning, murdering, and jailing citizens!


Thursday 14th of September 2017